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Columbus-based musician Sarob blends hip hop and neo-soul with earnest self-reflection and radiant sensuality. A vocal style reminiscent of Dwele and D’Angelo and a rap proficiency inspired by J. Cole and Slum Village, Sarob’s engaging live performances are often accompanied by his band and background singers. In Sarob's words, "My music documents my journey to fulfillment and hopefully encourages people to pursue it as well, instead of accepting things that aren’t true to them. We don’t deserve anything less than a meaningful life—that’s what I want people to get from my art.”


"...only great things are in store for the young college graduate." - Earmilk

"Not only can Sarob spit rhymes, he also has a soulful voice, which gives 'White Moon' a soothing R&B vibe as well... Sarob’s talent does have limitless possibilities." - The Boombox

"'The D’Angelo vibes on this record? RIDICULOUS!" - Fashionably-Early




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 About Scales:

Scales was the first song I completed for the album. Last year, I felt really unsure with what I wanted to do for my next project - I had written a few songs here and there with some people who ended up becoming my bandmates the following year, but I didn’t really know if the records genuinely reflected who I am; rather, they reflected who I imagined myself to be.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to be something instead of being. That’s probably the reason it’s taken me so long and why nothing I did in the meantime felt right. Even some of the things I’ve released didn’t feel right. And I shouldn’t even say that but letting it go unsaid, I think, would be contrary to how I’m trying to live: truthfully and genuinely, for better and for worse.

I think it was around this time - end of Summer, that is - last year when I had to shed the expectations I had for myself regarding who I should be. Those expectations almost only begot endless, hopeless pursuits. Instead, I tried to start thinking in terms of who I am and how I am valuable in and of myself, without external rewards. I had to think of myself like, “Okay, I realize I’m not xyz but that doesn’t mean I’m worthless. I’ll just work with with the gifts I have and do what I do until eventually I can do more.” So then that led to the questions: what the hell are my gifts? What can I actually do well?

Scales was how I rediscovered what I do well and how I can do more than I could during the SITD recordings. I realized new ideas, new flows and new skills through writing and arranging this song. When I finished it in January, after months executing it as precisely as I felt the song deserved, I knew this had to be my first single. It’s not a traditional single, it’s not the hottest track on the album, but it’s genuine and helped launch me into a new chapter of my life. My career, too, I guess. But the life shit matters most. And that’s what my music is really all about.

Thanks for riding with me on this track, y'all. It means the world to me. And we're only getting started.